Cairacailie Moss Campion


DOG 13th January 2007 – 27th May 2012

KC Registration No: AH0039607

Sire: Cairacailie Roco Dam: Covarney Miss Molly Malone Of Cairacailie

Breeders: Mr R. E. & Mrs J. M. & Miss K. H. Roberts (KCAB) Owners: Mr G. & Mrs C. E. Pullen

Jack – March 2012

Our Beloved Jack

13/1/07 – 27/5/12

I remember the day that we first met Jack, the boy who was to become so important in our lives. He was about 6 weeks old and we went to see him and the rest of the litter. They were all marked….he was the one with snopake on his left rear leg… Nearly all the puppies were fast asleep but the breeders woke some up for us to see. While Chris had one on her lap I had Jack on mine….We were discussing with the breeder the ins and outs, best practices, feeding etc. We didn’t know what to look for and how we would choose…..and then Jack walked up from my lap, along my chest, and licked me on the nose…. I was hooked! A little while later we went back to the breeder to collect our boy. All the others had gone and he was the last one remaining. He was coughing a bit and the breeder wasn’t sure whether or not to let us have him, but eventually she did and we took him home. Our other boy took to him immediately and so did we. His coughing didn’t go away and over the first year of his life he was forever in and out of the vet. He had several operations on his lungs but all that could be found was some scarring. We realised then that he would always be a little short of breath. Over the years he had his fair share of trips to the vet. As well as the cough he developed pneumonia twice, he cut his paws badly on broken glass and he developed entropion in both eyes. Eventually a third bout of pneumonia led us to consider a specialist hospital treatment and he was diagnosed with MegaOesophagus. From that point he was on constant medication and we employed a strict regime of upright feeding and “burping” to ensure his symptoms were kept at bay. Jack always seemed to be in bandages. In his last 2 months he developed a (benign) tumour on his paw and this was removed. With every bout of sedation it took longer and longer for him to recover so for this one we insisted on a “local” anaesthetic. The vet asked me to take him for a walk while the anaesthetic was taking effect. We started out at a brisk walk then suddenly lapsed to “impulse power”. I thought I would have to carry him but he managed eventually. That single episode summed up his amazing resilience and willingness to do things for us. Through all of this he remained cheerful. He “talked” constantly to us…I can’t imagine him without hearing his “wooh woohs” Eventually it all got too much for him and he left us on 27th May 2012, aged 5 years and 4 months. I miss him terribly. I know that in time it will pass but I do…. To me he was a remarkable dog who became not just part of my family but the most important part of it outside of my wife. Jack was a one-off. Apart from the talking he amazed us by being the great escapologist. No door could hold him. While the other dogs just sat by the back door Jack jumped up at it and opened it for them. He was the first to discover the joys of drinking from the water butt. He became the first (and so far, only) member of the pack to catch a ball. It was Jack who integrated the dogs with our two cats who had previously been kings of the roost. A few side-swipes and a face full of blood did not deter him and he went back for more… a result our cats loved him and he responded by constantly grooming Star, our girl cat. Of course he transferred these skills to the other dogs with equal effect. Harry, or youngest, loved him to the hilt. We are lucky that we have many memories of Jack. We have photos, videos, his lead, his bed. What will I remember most? His enthusiasm for everything. His “helicopter tail” whenever we were out and he was on the scent of something. His “training” sessions which always seemed to end with a general play for all and us unable to persuade him to come back inside. His general anxiety around dogs he didn’t know. Jack was the biggest topic of conversation among the elderly people who travelled on my bus. People who had had pets of their own some time ago but now found themselves on their own adopted Jack and one lady was overjoyed when she finally met Jack and had her photo taken with him. Goodbye, dear Jack. You are greatly missed, not just by us but by many people who only met you in passing, or never met you at all but somehow knew all about you and your journey through life. Graham & Christine Pullen

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