Caskeys Iced Ginger
17/10/1996 – 8/1/2008

Sire: Sh Ch Timadon Debs Delight
Dam: Caskeys Zilpha

Breeders: Mr & Mrs R. Heron
Owner: Mrs Joy Stone
Exported to Switzerland


This was Joy’s favourite photo of the two of them together

Susan, Joy’s daughter, very kindly allowed me to print the following, written on January 9, 2008 at 9:11am.

Ginger died on Tuesday Jan. 8th 2008 aged 11 years. She was put to sleep after a tumorous growth in her jaw had started to heamorrhage and nothing could be done for her. Ginger (Caskey’s Iced Ginger) was not a show dog. She was my father’s Irish Setter – or rather my mother’s until her death in 2005.

I’d like to share Ginger’s story here.

My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 1996. My parents had decided not to get another dog after their previous Irish had died 6 months before. They thought it would make them free to travel. But after the operation my mother felt she needed a new lease to life and this hope was puppy Ginger. Ginger was a sweet, soft and adorable puppy. Nothing wild and wicked about her. She endeared herself to everyone.

Tragedy struck when she was 7 months old when she yelped with pain whilst playing with a dog. She could not put any weight on one of her back legs. The diagnosis was shattering: severe hip dysplasia, the vet could only suggest having her put to sleep. To my mother and all of us, this would have meant not only loosing Ginger, but also the loss of hope for my mother’s recovery. Obviously Ginger was to be given a second chance. We found a vet willing and capable of operating. Ginger was the perfect patient, lying quietly playing with a ball between her front paws, finding new games to play. She recovered and led an easy life with happy walks in the woods with my mother and excursions by train all over Switzerland. Despite being given a life expectancy of maybe 7-8 years she made it to 11.

Three years ago my mother became seriously ill again and had to spend a lot of time in hospital. It was during that time that Ginger transferred her affection to my father. When my mother died 2 1/2 years ago Ginger gave him comfort and companionship during his time of grief. Ginger’s death brings this story to a close, but awakens all these memories, both happy and sad. Thank you Ginger for being there.

Susan Stone

The following is from Bryan, Joy’s husband & Susan’s father.

Susan has already written about Ginger. Yes, she was special, as they of course all are. But losing her last week was also losing the living link to the last years with my wife, which we lived with a special purpose and intensity because even in the good times, which were many, the knowledge is already there, that nothing lasts for ever…. Ginger, despite her early misfortune and residual deformity, which no-one noticed, ran around and played happily and went (almost) everywhere with us, and even the dear friends who helped when we were away said always how easy and friendly she was. I felt last week that I had lost the friend who has given me purpose and interest , but much, much more. She was my other self; I also find that around the village and in everyday life I am now stopped by people who ask, where is the dog….children ask ‘where’s Ginger’; a message from Shanghai said ‘There must have been a time of Bryan-without-Ginger but I can’t remember it’. All this shows what they give us. We are not alone in the world, our Setters are part of us, and (assuming we don’t cause trouble) bring much unsuspected happiness to many we may not even know, who are all around us.

But what now? A pause, to catch breath. Time to think. Replace the carpets, full of bloodstains from her gruesome last morning. Wash and put away the towels, mats, toys, bowls, collar and lead. Time to take ‘Ginger’s rug’ off the end of the sofa. And then: Perhaps I’m too old to take on another 10-week old from scratch, but there might be a way of finding that companionship with a more mature setter bitch. We’ll work on it, and I will enjoy in the meantime the Setters of my daughter and of all these friends. But Ginger really was special, and seemed to know.

Bryan Stone







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