Covarney Kiss N Tell


BITCH 4/3/2005 – 10/2/2012

Sire: Covarney Chocolate Mousse Dam: Covarney Contessa

Breeders: Mr G. T. & Mrs K. E. B. Condron Owners: Mrs Sue Pearson


There was something about Logan that stood out from the very beginning.  I was soon to discover that not only was Logan a bundle of fun, mischief and energy, but she was a hugely talented mimic (she watched our resident adult setter like a hawk, and if she liked what she saw, she copied); enormously focused (she didn’t require many repeats of any instruction to know what was required); she had a nurturing nature; was loyal, attentive and oh-so loving; she had such a waggy tail that her whole rear end went into motion, which made everyone she met chuckle.  She was simply magic. SATURDAY 23 APRIL 2005 At long last the day arrives to collect and bring home two precious bundles of red fluff.  When we arrive, all eleven pups are piled on top of one another asleep.  And where is Logan . . . . . . . . . right on the top of the pile of course.  We spend a little time with the breeders and then head for home with Logan and her brother Beamish, to meet our resident senior Murphy.


I was under no illusions of the time involved to raise two pups simultaneously, yet try to create two individuals – it is probably more than twice the input.  But every day made my heart glow.  I was so proud of them.  They were certainly, more – much more than twice the pleasure.

What two gundogs do to a feather duster

OCTOBER 2005 Logan and Beamish complete their KC Puppy Foundation and move on to KC Bronze, Silver and Gold, which Logan completes in double fast time.  Beamish, love him, takes a little longer. MARCH 2007 Logan is incredibly well focused and has boundless energy.  I increasingly refer to her as my Border Collie in a red suit – she is just so astute.  I still attend my regular dog club, but I set out to find some extra-curriculum for her.  I find it with a dog club that offers fun agility and obedience wrapped into one.  I enrol them both.  Beamish isn’t so purposeful, but I can’t leave him out of the fun.  Logan, with her usual determination, is soon flying.  She gains many pseudonyms from ‘Pocket-Rocket’ (Logan is small for the breed), to ‘The Fastest Bum in the West’, which referred to how fast her rear hit the floor on command.  Beamish, love him, takes a little longer. Life rolls on.  We lose our dear old girl Murphy, and in due course Jay, a nine-year-old boy in need of a home comes into our life.  He is an enormous pleasure.  Sadly, and with great sorrow we lose our handsome Jay.  ‘Two years was not enough, our journey had hardly begun’. Still not over Jay’s sudden departure, I’m told of a setter locally in urgent need of a home.

The gang was back to three.  All rubbing along together.  Logan usually the instigator of all things fun, with Beamish her sidekick slipping in behind, and now Golly too. Logan, lost her life – aged six.  I lost a best friend.  As a family, we lost an irreplaceable presence in our home.  And last, but not least, the breed lost an exceptional ambassador.   Due to discrepencies, some of this obituary has been removed at the breeder’s request. 

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