Ginger Obvious Red


29/5/2002 – 24/7/2010

Sire: Xuthus Angus Obvious Red
Dam: Unusual Utah Obvious Red

Breeder: Mrs M. J. Korving Kleine-Staarman
Owner: Mr F. Frankruijter & Mrs A. Landsaat

Country Of Origin: The Netherlands

‘Ginger, rest in peace sweet girl’

The stones on Ginger’s grave turn red when it rains and come from Dorothea in Lappland where she often went on holiday. Fred carved the inscription on the stone and Astrid did the painting. They also planted many different plants, so that something will flower on her grave every month.

Astrid wrote this dedication in memory of Ginger

On 24th July, very unexpectedly, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Ginger. Ginger was an epileptic and started seizing on February the 13th 2006. From day one this dreadful disease was hard to control and pretty soon we had to visit a specialist, Paul Mandigers. When he changed her medication we had a lovely period, four and a half months without seizing. After that her old habits came back. She had a cluster of seizures again every two or three weeks.

1 ½ years ago another problem occurred. She was vomiting a lot and this was getting worse after a few months. We tried a lot of things to solve this problem but nothing worked. In this period she lost 5 kg. of her body weight. The specialist and we were thinking that it could be MO, so we decided to take a chest x ray. The x ray proved that she had MO and with this diagnosis we were able to help her. With lots of tender love and care, in a few months she was back up to her old weight again and looked great. The only problem we had was that she often swallowed her saliva the wrong way and for that we had to put her on antibiotics very often.

About her epilepsy, we were thinking things were better again. In March this year she had a status twice. After that the specialist added a fourth drug. She seemed to be doing fine on this drug; the pattern didn’t change but her seizures where milder. In June we visited the specialist again for a check up. Her blood levels where perfect and showed that we could increase her drugs if needed.

On 25th July we should have been on a lovely holiday with Ginger. I really had the idea that we could go to Sweden and be perfectly safe. I packed so many drugs they would have knocked out a horse. Sadly I was very wrong. On 24th July, I gave her meds and her last meal for that day at 22.00 hours. Ten minutes later she started seizing. After one and a half hours and loads of drugs she was still seizing. That was the moment that we made the tough decision to end her suffering. It was time to let her go.

The day that should have been the first day of a lovely holiday with Ginger, became the day that we buried her. Our house is very empty without her. Rest in peace my sweetheart. You are in my heart forever.



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