Haremach Scarlet O’Hara


3/11/2004 – 10/2010

Sire: Sh Ch Caspians Intrepid
Dam: Haremach Tiger Lily

Breeder: Mrs M. Mazan
Owner: Mr D. & Mrs L. Brown

I took Scarlett to the vets as she had been very lethargic the day before & would only eat if I hand fed her. By the time we got to the vets at 10am she could/would hardly move and she was jaundiced. They admitted Scarlett to the surgery and ran a series of tests and scans on her and later that day I was told that she was suffering from auto immune haemolytic anaemia. The vets started the treatment of high levels of steriods to suppress the immune system. When I went to visit Scarlett the next morning, she was completely unresponsive and I was very concerned. I spoke to the nurse and the vet who were both hopeful that the treatment had a good chance of being successful as Scarletts PCV had increased from 15 to 23, so it seemed as though the steriods were having the desired effect. The vet phoned us that evening at 9pm to say that Scarlett had gone downhill very rapidly and was now fitting. The vet then said that there was little to no chance of the treatment working and we made the decision to have Scarlett put to sleep.

Having never heard of this condition before, I spent a lot of time researching this on the internet. Some sites suggest that there may be a link with the vaccinations – when the body fights the vaccine, it triggers the immune system to react. Scarlett was vaccinated at the end of August, so in my mind, this seems the most likely trigger, but the reality is that no-one knows why some dogs get it and some don’t, much like most human diseases.

Scarlett was a beautiful girl in every way. She had a lovely nature and has been a much loved part of our family for the last (nearly) 6 years. We miss her very much.
Lynette Brown

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