Ir Sh Ch Lestannons She’s The One For Rohanmor


8/8/2000 – 6/12/2011

KC Stud Book No: 3589CM

Sire: Ir Sh Ch Rohanmor The Real McCoy
Dam: Lestannons Eliza Doolittle

Breeder: Mrs C. J. Hough
Owner: Miss C. M. Loughlin

The day Jane Hough asked if she could use our Musket (Ir Sh Ch Rohanmor The Real McCoy) we decided there and then that we would like to have a puppy bitch, to hopefully continue on our own lines started up from Ir Sh Ch Bardonhill Overboard JW and Ir Sh Ch Bonahaird Black Magic JW, and so, it was that Tia should enter our lives.  It was really quite funny too the day she came home with us.  At eight weeks of age she strutted off down the dog-run and stood in the middle of it defying the world.  From that moment on we knew that Tia was always going to be okay with life and would face any dilemma or problem that came her way, very much like her beautiful even tempered sire (Musket).

Tia only produced one litter to our own Marco and from it we were blessed with some very beautiful children:

Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch & Int Sh Ch Rohanmor My Blue Heaven Sh CM An Ch ‘08’09’11 CW ‘09’11’12 EW ’09 (Jona)

(who is the all-time breed record holder for Green Stars in Ireland and also the first Irish Setter in the history of the breed  in the UK to gain three titles).

Rohanmor Back To The Future JW Res CC (Cully)

Rohanmor High Society (Grace) – dam of our own Digger & Frodo

Rohanmor Top Gun (Magnus)

Unfortunately Tia had developed a mammary tumour about two years ago and we were fortunate that it stayed small until May of 2011.  When it started to get bigger we decided to have it removed and everything got back to normal for Tia.  That is until September when she developed another mammary lump.  This one grew quite rapidly, so we had it removed at the beginning of October.  Again things seemed okay, but at the beginning of November another lump appeared and before it could get much bigger we had it removed.  Less than two weeks later another lump appeared and this one grew so rapidly it seemed unbelievable to be happening.  Finally on Tuesday 6th December we had to make that dreadful decision to let Tia go.

Lonely is our home without you

Life for us is not the same

All the world would be like Heaven

If we could have you back again

Those we love don’t go away – they walk beside us every day…….

In God’s hands, until we can be together again, our darling Tia.

From, Kathleen, Cathy & all the Rohanmor family.

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