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29 September 1999 – 2 August 2014

Sire: Sh Ch Thendara The Tourist
Dam: Sh Ch Lynwood Timeltell

Breeder: Mrs J. P. Price
Owner: Denise Hawkes


 Denise & Bonnie on the beach

Bonnie arrived in the November of 1999. My first Irish Setter, she settled in quickly and soon became a member of the family, a ‘little sister’ for my daughters Lucy and Lauren, then 13 and 10. Adored by all, she had a natural grace and beauty, living up to her Kennel Name. She enjoyed showing but this was limited because of our growing family.

In 2002, she welcomed into the world a new little ‘sister’ Georgia, and a ‘brother’ Brodie in 2004. She adored the children and soon developed a close bond to the new babies. She had a litter of her own in 2005 but having not seemed overly impressed by the whole experience, stuck to being the children’s Nanny! She would always get into bed with them if they awoke with nightmares and I was grateful to her for many nights sleep. She soon became affectionately known as Bonnie Nana!

Bonnie had a wonderful life. She loved being on the beach, racing around the fields and introducing herself to anyone in her path, slobber and all! Right up to her final week, she was enjoying the beach. Bonnie was an amazing ‘step mum’ to our various Siamese Kittens, who would often abandon Mummy for her cuddles instead. Bonnie was adored by the whole family and to me she was my ‘doggie daughter.’ She was my constant companion for nearly 15 years. She was always a lap dog, size being no barrier and cuddles with her were heavenly!

Bonnie’s organs failed on the 2nd August and she passed away naturally with her whole family and extended family around her. We miss her so much. We are so thankful to Jane and Roger Mugford for choosing us such a beautiful girl, inside and out!  She will live in on our hearts forever.

The lessons she taught me I shall try to live up to in her memory.

So, thank you Bonnie for teaching me:

Exercise IS fun!  (rain, snow, storms, NO, NO, excuse!)

Keep fun in your heart: life is better that way!

Don’t judge a book by its cover: be a friend to those you meet.

Be unreserved about your affections to those you love!

Every day is a new day: forgive and forget yesterday’s mistakes, we all make them!


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