Rupertsacre Edward


25 October 2014 – 29 March 2018

Sire: Arthura Pedro
Dam: Hazelbeck’s Beatrice

Breeder: Mr B. A. & Mrs J. Cooke
Owner: Misses C. A. Parker & N. E. Chmielewicz

You were pure sunshine with more rhythm than Beyonce when your tail was wagging.

From Cumbria to Cornwall and the hundreds of places with visited in between, you taught us to make the most of every moment and that the smallest thing could turn into the most incredible adventure. From 5am beach walks and games, the wind blowing through your beautiful cost to twilight walks after summer BBQ’s, sniffing the air and walking between us, cuddles and kisses anytime and anywhere.

Silly games in the house “who’s first Buddy” – knowing how much you would huff if you didn’t beat us to the socks; “where’s Natalia” – you could always find her or your beloved ball. You grew up after every holiday – glamping and camping, hotels and friend’s homes, perfectly behaved and stunning to look at, we felt so proud when you sat next to us when we were out – we are sure you knew it too. You didn’t care where we were, as long as we were together. If a 5 mile walk became 13 because we got lost, trips to Ikea or the car wash, you only want to be with your humans and us with you.

Defender of the garden, lover of cuddles and kisses, laying with us when we were poorly, jumping on us when you wanted attention or the low grumble you would give, banging your tail against the walls every morning with excitement when you heard the alarm go off. You were the most wonder boy and the best of friends.

Our time together was too short, it was too early to say goodbye – we hope that you are waiting for us patiently but until we see each other again: we will always carry you in our hearts and feel you by our sides.

If love could have saved you, our beautiful boy, you would have lived until the end of time.

Our smiling, loud, funny, demanding and gorgeous boy you are and will forever always be our Buddy.

Owners: Natalia Chmielewicz & Connie Parker



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