Rusty Keates


2006 – 2010

Owner: Stevie J. Keates


Rusty was a rescue setter, coming to live with his owner in January 2010. It was thought that he was about 4 years old. He settled in well and very quickly grew used to all the love and attention that Stevie gave him. Stevie’s other passion is horses. Stevie and Rusty would often campaign together for the World Horse Welfare Campaign to try to stop the live transportation of horses for slaughter all over the world. This event was held over two days and they worked hard to get 700 signatures for the letter to Commissioner Dali and 420 postcards signed to go to the President of the EC. Here he is above in his ‘working clothes’.

Sadly, in August 2010, after only a short space of time together, Rusty became seriously ill and Stevie had to make the heartbreaking decision that we all dread. At least during the last few months of his life when he lived with Stevie, he knew what it was to be loved and cared for. He was one of the lucky rescue setters.