Sh Ch Brandy Royale Of Wendover


25/1/1974 – Date of Death Not Known

Sire: Sh Ch Wendover Racketeer
Dam: Wendover Hula Dancer

Breeders: Mrs A. & Miss J. Norman
Owner: Mr & Mrs E. Durand

Brandy was the great, great, great grandfather of Twoacres Joker The Hooley, my own Flynn. He was owned by Edward & Glenna Durand from the USA who at the time they got Brandy, were living in the UK. They eventually moved back to the USA taking their dogs with them. Whilst in the UK they were keen show enthusiasts and brandy in particular was a show dog with lots of presence. At one show, his lead broke in the ring and the judge said it didn’t matter as he knew what to do. brandy then trotted round the ring next to his owner, with his head up and his tail out. He then walked up to the judge and stood with great presence while he was examined and the crowd roared their approval. During their time in the UK, Brandy was shown exclusively by Edward and trained by Glenna……they made a good team.

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