Soulglas Ballygeary


16 June 2002 – 28 November 2012

Sire: Sh Ch Bai Breeze Bi Thendara
Dam: Soulglas Amythyst

Breeder/Owners: Mr M. C. & Mrs S. Mather

freya and keely nov 2011.11

Freya & sister Keely
You went off with a new mummy to live in deepest Wales. I was lucky to have pics of you as a baby growing. Your cousin Scarlett off nanny Pauline came to join you 2yrs later, so you had 2 playmates.  I was told years later mummy died and you were not being cared for properly and ended up going to someone who had a farm and collies. You lived there & had walks for a long time. I was told you were ill and wouldn’t live long. The rescue was notified and like a flash I had you home.My girl, it was like you never left, your buddy, sister Keely was pleased to see you. Remember how when I picked you up I looked at you and you looked at mummy Erin and growled, I said she’s telling her mummy how sad she was. You needed to be groomed, you were in a state. But we tackled things together and you and your sister were thick as thieves. The 5 of you had a whale of a time on walks. Pretty soon it was Christmas and you and the others had lots of presents. You had missed all that . I still cant believe what you must have gone through, but not a day goes by without me thinking of you all. You are being met up there by mummy Erin, Uncle Shadow, Spice, Granny and everyone, you wont be alone now. RIP my darling girl Freya  ….

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