Amber Glow


29th October 2005 – 27th March 2016

Registration No: LOF: 7 S.I.R. 57585/8533

Sire: Dawnmaen Tamdhu
Dam: Karidell Belle Rouge At Dawnmaen

Breeders: Mrs S. & Mr. D. Thomas
Owners: Mrs O. Schwarz

Country of Origin: France

Exported to: Austria

Aideen was a typical Irish Setter , very smooth and touching , very generous with cuddles . 
She must have felt long before me when my husband got ill, she followed him around, insisting on being next to him.
Then, when he was gone she really helped me, asking to lie on his side of the bed to keep me warm.
I could take her to my mother’s retirement home and she would go from one to the other 
offering cuddles . My sister has a disabled son, contact with Aideen relaxed his spasms, 
she would just stand next to him  and did not leave. I had trained her to pick up any objects that dropped on the floor and hand them over. 
She certainly was special and will be missed … I regret I could not spoil her more and for longer 


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