Having resided in Australia, Linda-May Strydom returned to South Africa  in 2011 with her Irish (Red) Setter family, a male named CIANRONNIS LAPIS LAZULI  OF CEANAIRE,(“Reilly”) bred by Lorna Pedersen of New South Wales and a bitch HIGHPERELLE JAZZ OF WINDROSE “Jazz” bred by Carolyn Pearen of Queensland   Both pedigrees reflecting the influence of Australian/American bloodlines.


                       SA Ch. Cianroninnis Lapis Lazuli of Ceanaire

In order for imported Irish Setters to be breed registered with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa it is obligatory that they be DNA tested and/or proven inherited clear of Canine Leucocyte Adhesion Deficiency (CLAD), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) rcd 1 and since 2013 DNA clearance for Late Progressive Retinal Atrophy (LOPRA) rcd 4 is also mandatory. Both Lapis Lazuli and Jazz were cleared and entered the realm of South African breeding stock.  “Reilly” was also Hip and Elbow X-rayed for dysplasia under the KUSA/FCI scheme with a very good scores of A2.:A2.hips and 0:0 elbows.

On 23rd July 2011 Lazuli’s first SA litter arrived out of Fenris Kacey, but as Linda-May had not transferred Kacey into her ownership with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa she was still registered in the ownership of the breeder Gail Green who kindly agreed to the use for her Fenris Kennel name to register the litter.

On 31st May 2012 Gail’s Champion bitch. Fenris Imagine Me whelped a litter sired by Lapis Lazuli which produced the male Fenris Leading Act who was subsequently exported to Zimbabwe to join the Clarke’s Kruger Irish Setter kennel and a bitch, which Gail retained, Fenris Latest Edition. She    subsequently produced a litter from Estelle Meiring’s UK imported dog Heathclare Star from Heaven at Meiomie resulting in Lapis Lazuli became a grandfather for the first time.

Proud Mum SA Ch. Oakdale’s Rose O’Tralee of Meiomie ARC with her litter

sired by Ch. Cianroninnis Lapis Lazuli of Ceanaire 

Estelle Meiring’s “Fire”: litter of 11 pups arrived on 15th July 2012 out of SA Ch. Oakdales Rose O’Tralee of Meiomie ARC and sired by Lapis Lazuli.  The males Meiomie Wildfire and Meiomie Fireworks have competed with some success in the showring with their novice owners/ handlers, Petra Hullen and Kate Swart.  Estelle & Des Peterson’s partnership bitch Meiomie Firefly (“Ash”) bred on to Heathclare Star from Heaven at Meiomie producing a huge litter in February 2016.

                            “Ash” Meiomie Firefly and her brood sired by

 Heathclare Star from Heaven of Meiomie to which Lapis Lazuli is grandfather.

                       Like ducks in a row! “Star” x “Ash” litter

 In the Ardmore kennel of Melonie de Jongh Cianroninnis Lapis Lazuli of Ceanaire became a South African Show Champion and was bred to two of her bitches Ch. Ardmore Dancers Kealah who whelped a litter on 25th March.2014 and Ch. Ardmore Dancers Molly who produced two litters from “Reilly” the first on 17th May.2014 and the second on 19th September 2015. As a veteran Lapis Lazuli now lives quietly in honourable retirement .


Highperelle Jazz of Windrose

Highperelle Jazz of Windrose whelped two small litters, the first sired by Lapis Lazuli was born on 25th June 2012 and the second of only five pups born on15th March 2013 when her mate was locally bred Ardmore Max’s Warren.



Bred by Leigh & Anne Hearn in Warrandyle, Victoria PENDORIC FOGGY PERFECTION “ Melvin” was the only male in a litter  born on 2nd March 2008 and was destined to be a “travelling man”.

Purchased by Jessica Lindberg in Sweden he was raised by the Hearn’s  for the first 9 months of his life due to Swedish regulations at the time which prevented his earlier export.  Thus his career in the showring only commenced in the Swedish intermediate class where he achieved great success to be crowned Nordic Winner in 2009.

“Melvin” is a pleasure to live with and a true showman achieving successes in Scandinavia, Estonia and Lithuania with many Gundog Group wins. In 2012 at the peak of his show career he became the breeds FCI World Winner in Salzburg, Austria.

A stud dog of distinction Foggy Perfection has currently sired ten litters across four counties and fathered several Champions and winning dogs including the 2014 Best of Breed FCI World Winners Applegrove Bechamel and  Best Opposite Sex Caemgens Edge of Glory.

      Ch. Pendoric Foggy Perfection

 Ch. Pendoric Foggy Perfection lines in South Africa

 “Melvin’s” influence on South African Irish Setters came as a result of Marinette Teeling’s interest and association with Sjoerd Jobse and his partner in Sweden. In 2008 Sjoerd had a huge litter of 16 Irish Setter pups born on 2nd March sired by Pendoric Foggy Perfection out of their homebred Ch. Caemgen’s Cross Any River.  Smitten by a bitch pup, Caemgen’s Ever So Clever “Eva” winged her way to South Africa while her successful sister Caemgen’s Edge of Glory was retained by Sjoerd.

Marinette Teeling with SA Ch Caemgen Ever So Clever.

“Eva” has certainly lived up to her name having a highly successful show career, competed in Agility events and last winter entered the Retriever Trials along side Marinette’s Golden Retrievers to prove the “red dogs” have brains!

  “Eva” in the Field

“Eva” competing in Agility

Having passed all health DNA testing and X-raying for hip & elbow dysplasia with flying colours it was time for “Eva” to have a litter,  Mated to Estelle Meiring’s Heathclare Star from Heaven at Meiomie she produces 13 pups in December 2016.   Marinette has retained a male Beldigo Never Say Never, while a brother, Beldigo Ever After has been sold to fellow breeders Chris and Karen Black of Karisah kennels.  The pick of the three bitches, Beldigo Forever Changed has taken up residence in the Meiomie kennel of Estelle Meiring.

Marinette’s “ Eva” with her son Beldigo Never Say Never (3 months old)

 Estelle Meiring’s “Mac with bitch pup Beldigo Forever Changed


This article is compiled and written by Mark & Bridget Simpson (mss01@telkomsa.net) with acknowledgements and thanks for information and photos from Irish Setter breeders in South Africa and in Sweden.

March 2017