Fred Sandle


January 2004 – 26th January 2010

Owners: Anne & Paul Sandle

Christmas Day 2001-Opening his present.

On December 1st 2003, Anne & Paul’s beloved Irish Red & White Setter, Jenna, passed away, she was almost 15 years old. They were understandably devastated. The next day whilst in town, they saw a lady with an Irish Setter. Explaining that they had just lost Jenna, they asked if they could have a cuddle with the Irish Setter. The lady told Anne & Paul that she had acquired Harry, her Irish Setter from the ISBC Rescue Scheme, via Tony & Carole Dines. Anne & Paul left their contact details and asked her to let them know Tony and Carole’s phone number. The following day, Anne spoke to Carole who arranged a home visit, saying that there was a puppy that might be suitable for them.

Unfortunately, Anne and Paul didn’t get the first dog available, or the second, but one day at the end of January 2004, Carole rang to say that she had a pair of dogs looking for a home, but thought she might be able to split them. Anne and Paul were of one mind, they both agreed that it wouldn’t be fair to split them, so asked if they could take them both. A few days later, Carole arrived with Fred and his companion, Lola.

They entered the Rescue Scheme because their owners were getting divorced and neither could look after them. They were both a bit neglected, especially Lola, as she had been spayed and obviously hadn’t seen a brush in a long time. Lola was always a very quiet dog, but was always there for Fred. Anne & Paul didn’t think that they would have survived without each other for long.

Anne and Paul were warned that Fred wasn’t very keen on men, so not to be surprised if he didn’t want too much to do with Paul. When Paul arrived home from work, Fred took one look, dived on him and made it very plain that he wanted a lot to do with Paul. He became VERY friendly!!!! Paul also made it plain that he was having none of that and thankfully Fred hasn’t tried it since.

The first summer that Anne & Paul had the dogs, they visited Dovedale whilst on holiday. They walked down the right side of the stream and had to cross to get back. Lola jumped straight in and waded across. Fred jumped in and as soon as the water hit his under carriage, he jumped straight back out and went across the stepping stones. Then he took off out of sight over the top of the hill. Whilst Anne and Paul were deciding what to do, he reappeared round the bottom of the hill, travelling at such break neck speed that he almost ran into the stream!

These days, Fred has calmed down, though he still can be rather naughty. Recently whilst making a sandwich, Anne buttered the bread and went to the fridge to get the meat. When she turned round, Charlie, their other dog, had stolen a slice of bread and butter. So Anne made herself another slice of bread and butter and then added the meat. As she was returning the meat to the fridge, quick as a flash, Fred stole half of the sandwich. That’s one way to lose weight!

Anne & Paul had to make the heartbreaking decision to have Fred put to sleep on the afternoon of January 26th 2010 after a tragic accident which caused damage to his spinal nerves and left one of his legs paralysed. Below is one of the last photos they took of him, opening his presents on Christmas Day 2009.