Glenvarna Fire And Ice At Hooley


D.O.B. 5 June 2013
KC Registration Number: AQ01954001

LOPRA rcd4 – PRA (rcd-1) – CLAD – Hereditarily Clear

Hips 9/10

Sire: Togipoto Ice God At Glenvarna
Dam: Glenvarna The Wow Factor

Breeder: Mr K. Swainston
Owner: Miss M A Webster

Mulligan’s breeders had a litter three weeks after I lost Geordie and much as I was tempted to have a puppy, I knew that it was too early for me, I needed more time, so I decided to wait until they had another litter. The following year, I was recovering from a knee operation when the phone rang and it was Kevin & Liz telling me that they had repeated the mating.. of course I was immediately interested!   In due course the litter arrived and as soon as I was able to drive, I went to see them………………..every week!! Eight weeks later Mulligan came home with me. Whenever I had visited the litter he had been very quiet and worryingly, when I picked him up her refused to even look at me. I’d never had a puppy do that to me before, but it soon became clear that he was assessing me as he tends to do this with anything new…..sit back, take it all in and then when he’s confident you see his true self. Little did I know what I’d let myself in for, but the next morning it soon became clear. Mulligan had a mind of his own and was extremely determined, as was I, but eventually we came to an agreement! Having a very boisterous, lively puppy around the place wasn’t easy as I wasn’t fully mobile after my knee operation and Mulligan was very quick to take full advantage of the fact. It had been 11 years since I’d last had a puppy and to say that Mulligan was a shock to the system would be an understatement! It didn’t take him long to realise that he could twist me round his paw. One look at that beautiful face and those big brown eyes and I melted. Once he was able to go out, never a day went by without us being stopped by someone on our walk, everyone he met fell in love with him and he knew just how to charm them. 

Then the show training began in earnest. Mulligan was determined that show training was all about enjoying himself and socialising with the other dogs, which was fine, I didn’t have a problem with that, but he took some convincing that show training was for serious work as well. However, because my mobility was compromised, Kevin very kindly agreed to help with the training, so I stood him and Kevin ran him. Eventually Mulligan began to settle down and do what was expected of him. At the Open Shows he was a typical lively puppy and became bored even if there were only a few in the class. He qualified for Crufts the first year and thinking how bored he could be with several others in the class, I dreaded it knowing how huge the classes usually were at Crufts. I needn’t have worried as he rose to the occasion magnificently. He was impeccably behaved in a class of 20 all the time and loved the attention he got all day….it was as if he was made for it. He behaved like a true celebrity! From then on it was as if he had suddenly realised what he was meant to do for he behaved him self at the shows and continued to mature and show his socks off, usually being in the cards somehwere. He is a beautiful boy with a wonderful temperament, who loves life with a passion and I adore him.