Janter Jacobus


10/10/1989 – 26/5/003

Sire: Sh Ch Clonageera Genesis
Dam: Janter Joleen

Breeder: Mr T Crossman
Owner: Mrs J. Wyles


Rory was a very gentle boy, very steady in the house and a bundle of energy and fun outside. He first endeared himself to his new family by chewing the childrens shoe laces when they went to choose him. Once he brought a dead baby bird, which must have fallen out of the nest, inside to his owner. It had no feathers, but he carried it so carefully and gently in his mouth, there wasn’t a mark on it. He placed it gently at his owner’s feet and sat looking at her earnestly, as if to ask if there was anything she could do to help. Rory was of course related closely to all my boys, being Flynn’s Uncle, Fergus’s Great Uncle and Geordie’s Great, Great Uncle.