Kerrigan Amber Dream


14/3/80 – 21/5/92

Registration No:F0328908H02

Sire: Twoacres Nautilus
Dam: Mahogany Red Flame

Breeder: Miss D Rees
Owner: Miss M A Webster

‘Always In My Heart’

I was teaching infants when I had Oliver and whilst I was at work he used to spend the day with my father who had just retired. Because my father took Oliver everywhere with him when I was working, he was very well known in Cleethorpes and people would ask after him if my father dared to venture out alone! He would bring him back to me at school, at the end of the day for story time. The children loved having this large red dog in the classroom and he loved all the attention. He also participated in many school projects, helping to promote responsible dog ownership. Generations of children grew up calling Irish Setters ‘Ollie Dogs’!

Once, during a school assembly about pets, the children were enthralled by the various animals. All was going smoothly as the children talked about each animal in turn, but I should have known that things were a little too smooth. As I removed the hamster from it’s cage to enable the children to have a closer look, Oliver made a sudden lunge towards it, dragging the chair to which he was tied, behind him. At that moment, the hamster leapt into the air, the canary began tweeting loudly, the children started squealing and rushing towards the action and I just managed to catch the hamster before Oliver did! It was a victory for the hamster, but I could tell from the look in Oliver’s eyes that he was not amused!