Managh Williams


D.O.B. July 2003

Owner: Miss D. Williams

Managh’s owner works at a busy Veterinary Practice, luckily for him. One Monday evening in February 2008, a man took an Irish Setter to the surgery requesting that he be put to sleep. As the dog was only 5 years old and Miss Williams owned Irish Setters herself, she was eager to know why the man wanted his dog putting to sleep, when there was nothing obviously wrong with him. He explained that he had taken the dog from Irish Setter Rescue only five days before and that it had been aggressive towards both himself and his son.

Having a great love of the breed, Miss Williams felt extremely uneasy about the situation, even more so when he brought the dog in. Managh, as he was called, was beautiful, with a waggy tail and a glossy coat. Thankfully the vet felt unable to do as the client requested and after discussing the situation with him, the client agreed that Miss Williams could take Managh. However, before this could happen, both Managh’s owner and Miss Williams had to clear this with the Secretary of Irish Setter Rescue. Luckily approval was granted and Miss Williams was able to give Managh a much deserved second chance.

The good news is that Managh still lives with Miss Williams and goes to work with her every day. He hasn’t shown any signs of aggression since she took him on and gets on brilliantly with her other Irish Setter, ‘Tia’ and the two cats, Lulu and Tony.

I met Managh in May 2008 when he attended the Annual Sponsored Walk, organised by the East Midlands Social Region of the ISBC. He is a beautiful boy, very friendly, full of joi de vivre, who thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the other dogs and their owners. When I met Managh I had no knowledge of his story, I only knew that he had been recently rescued, so was astounded to learn that he had been deemed to be aggressive and so very nearly didn’t get that second chance.