New Website

Welcome to the new design of the Hooley Irish Setters Website, another addition to follow shortly will be a link to the Hooley O’Flynn shop. To enable the continuation of the Irish Setter Pedigree database following consultation with other members of the Irish Setter community, I have decided to charge a small amount of £10 per annum to cover maintaining the database which over the years has cost me several hundred pounds every year…thousands of pounds in total. Upon registering for membership you will be provided with a login & password which will activate the Pedigree Database in the menu

3 thoughts on “New Website”

  1. Without this database And the information, support I got from many breeders, owners I couldn’t have made my conslusion for my project: Bloat hereditary in Irish Setters. This database was especially for the UK cases often so helpful to find the pedigree name of a torsion victim mentioned by the owner on internet.

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