The Raycroft Rainbow

It is exceptional to achieve outstanding success with more than one breed of dogs as did Rachel (Rae) Furness (nee Lamb) with her Raycroft rainbow of gundog breeds in the U.K .  In this article we follow her career from 1936 through her visit to South Africa in 1982 to her passing in October 1993.


Rae Furness


At Matlock Agricultural Show Sybil Lennox waited to exhibit her first Irish Setter bitch, Shandy Gaff as Rachel Lamb aired her opinion. “You’ll never win with that, it’s not good enough.” she told Sybil “I’ll find you one.”  Rae fulfilled her promise, but with the intervention of the war, it was only in 1946 that Raycroft Meg came into Sybil’s life as her Brackenfield foundation bitch.

Both girls were educated at Matlock Modern School, a private boarding school where the emphasis was more on the social graces of etiquette and good manners to become “young ladies” rather than equipping them to pursue careers, but World War II changed that perception and both young women were involved in the “war effort”. Sybil taught herself to drive and volunteered for the Civil Defence Unit while running a local farm with two Land Army girls and an old man with failing eyesight.

Rae left school in 1936 and announced to her parents dismay that she would   breed gundogs. This career path should not have come as a surprise as she was raised on the estate of William Arkwright surrounded by her father’s kennel of working dogs.  At first she exhibited an Irish Setter belonging to her mother’s cousin and then her father purchased two bitches, Mystery and Madonna of Gadeland from Mrs. Baker which establish Raycroft Irish Setters.

With the outbreak of the War in 1939 and the cessation of the major Championship shows the Raycroft kennel was under the supervision of        Mr. & Mrs. Lamb during Rae’s enforced absences while carrying out essential work for the “war effort”, but  by  the end of the war in Europe, Rae had added to her kennel.  Despite the restrictions of petrol rationing the number of non-championship dog shows had increased as reflected in her Raycroft advert published in the December 1944 Our Dogs Annual:

THE NOTED “RAYCROFT” IRISH SETTERS owned by Miss Rachel Lamb of Hady Hill, Chesterfield, Derbyshire

During the past year the “Raycrofts” have bravely kept the Setter flag flying in the North Midlands, in spite of their owner being engaged on full-time essential work, and many dogs emanating from this successful kennel have won well in many parts of the country, including R. Rhett, R. Roman, R. Sandra and many others.

The grand Irishman, Raycroft Morag, considered by many to be the best Setter in the North, has won over 100 first prizes, more than 30 times best Gundog, while on ten occasions he was declared best of all breeds.  He is by Ch. Son-of-a-Gun of Gadeland out of that great bitch, Rattlin Deirdre, and has more than proved himself invaluable as a sire of first-class stock.

Fee ₤3. 3s.prepaid.

Raycroft Morag

Raycroft Morag

The sensational youngster, Robin of Raycroft a splendid upstanding dog, is now coming to his best, exhibited only on a few occasions, he won more than 20 firsts in good company, was best of bred and best of sex in show at Mansfield under Mr. W.W. Stansfield and at Darnall, Mrs. H. Seabridge, Senr., made him premier Gundog, also best dog in show.  A highly successful show career is predicted for him.  Fee, for a short time, to a few approved bitches ₤ 2. 2s.

Robin of Raycroft

Robin Of Raycroft

Last of the dogs is that well-known winner and successful stud Soda of Derrycarne, by Derrycarne Storm King of Ide, whose dam is Ch. Wendover Biddy, out of Hymany Raine.  He is sire of many of this year’s Raycroft winners, including Robin.  Soda won well in Ireland prior to his joining the Raycroft ménage, his wins including two reserve green stars and the perpetual challenge cup for best Setter bred in Ireland.  Upon arrival here, Soda did some excellent winning, but in view of his demand at stud he has been retired from the show ring.  Knowledgeable breeders are booking his services Fee ₤3.3s. prepaid.

Of the bitches, pride of place must go to the charming Marrona Melanie of Warninglid.  As her photograph shows, she is a lovely type full of quality and true Setter character.  By Rheola Benedict x Matsonhouse Mist, at the last Cruft’s show she won all her classes, while at Hayward’s Heath she obtained three firsts and best exhibit.  Melanie has been shown on but few occasions since the war, though several times she has been best Gundog and best of sex all breeds.  Well known judges have declared she would have been a certain champion but for the advent of the war and is certainly one of the best bitches in the country.

Marrona Melanie of Warninglid

Marrona Melanie Of Warninglid

There is insufficient space at my disposal to detail all of the other inmates at “Raycroft”, but mention must be made to Raycroft Scarlet, recently imported from Ireland.  She is grand-daughter to the well-known Raycroft Red Beacon and out of Hartsbourne Macushla; her wins in Eire include best puppy at the Dublin Boxing Day Show in 1943 together with award of best puppy bitch at the Irish KC show in 1944.  Scarlet now has a splendid litter by Raycroft Morag, several of which will be sold.  Usually there are a few well-bred puppies and adults for sale, and anyone purchasing a Raycroft Setter is bound to be highly satisfied.

The dogs are reared in ideal country surroundings, under the personal supervision of Mr. & Mrs. Lamb, who are doing a fine job of work – the excellent condition of the inmates is solid proof of this during the enforced absence of their owner, Miss Rachel Lamb. Visitors receive a courteous welcome.

(text written by Douglas Rogers)



Also in Rae’s kennel was Raycroft Mediator born 22nd October 1939 and bred by Mr. C.H. Holmes.  Mediator was to become the first Irish Setter Show Champion after the end of the war.  He was test mated under Bill Rasbridge’s Scheme for Progressive Retinal Atrophy rcd 1, becoming one of only four clear stud dogs in Britain.  He sired over 200 puppies in his lifetime producing eight Challenge Certificate winners of which four became Show Champions and three full Show and Field Qualified Champions.

The first Championship show after the war was held at Blackpool and the next by the Irish Setter Association of England at Seymour Hall, London in 1946 where Mediator, then 6 years old, won his first Challenge Certificate and Best in Show under judge Mr A Ashworth. He quickly followed this in 1947 with two more Challenge Certificates, one at the ISAE judged by Mr. F. Warner Hill and the last under Mrs. M. Holt at the Cambridge Championship Show.

As Gilbert Leighton Boyce attested Mediator was ‘from the show point of view, incontestably the best of the four PRA rcd clear sires.  He was a perfectly balanced dog of medium size, heavily feathered with a classic head, and the style and quality that one remembered in many great winners of the thirties.  He moved splendidly, wagging his tail as a Setter should.  At the Irish Setter Association England championship (1947) Judge Warner Hill put him, then seven years old, unerringly at the head of a strong Open dog class, where second  was Mrs. Flora Banks’ Storm of Casamia, then a youngster, third his sire Beau of Wendover, reserve Mrs. Walker’s Hartsbourne Matchless.  Branscombe Robyn stood second to Matchless in the previous class, but reserve best of sex (RCC) went not to Storm, but to Hartsbourne Masterstroke from a still lower class.  Several other dog winners at this show made little impact on the future of the breed, perhaps through doubts whether they were “clear’ (of PRA rcd 1)

Raycroft Mediator


Raycroft Mediator peD


In 1945 Ch. Raycroft Gay Girl, sired by Raycroft Dochra Gerremy out of Raycroft Scarlet was born. Gerremy was described by Rae in 1949 as having been ‘little shown during the course of the year’, but ‘had rendered a good account of himself at his first championship show in Brighton, where he won all his classes and reserve Challenge Certificate.  He followed this up by winning firsts at Altringham and Edinburgh Championship shows. By Ch. Padriac of Matsonhouse ex Guinea of Matsonhouse he is beautifully bred and the sire of winners’.

Raycroft Dochra Gerremy

                         Raycroft Dochra Gerremy

                           (Sire of Ch. Raycroft Gay Girl)


Raycroft Gay Girl

Ch. Raycroft Gay Girl

Raycroft Gay Girl won nine Challenge Certificates between 1948 and 1951 six of them with Best of Breed and ten Reserve CCs. She ran at the 1949 Yorkshire Gundog Club to gain her Field Trial Qualification thus gaining her full title.

Gay Girl’s first litter was born on 23rd December 1949 and sired by the famous Sh. Ch. Hartsbourne Tobias in which Ch.Raycroft Gay Lass was born, she like her dam, was field qualified at the 1953 Ulster Irish Setter Club trials to achieve full Championship status with five Challenge Certificates awarded from the show bench.


Raycroft Gay Lass

Raycroft Gay Lass PED

During the course of 1949 the first Raycroft Irish Setters were exported to France and Switzerland. This trend continued throughout Rae’s career in gundogs with many Irish Setters and later Clumber Spaniels being exported worldwide.



In 1945 Rae branched out into English Setters with the acquisition of a tri-colour bitch Raycroft Jewel and Raycroft Rombalds Samson also tri-coloured who was a full brother to Ch. Drumgannon Daybreak.  Samson was sire to Raycroft Orange Boy, a lemon belton born in 1947 who “created quite a furore in English Setter circles as he is undoubtedly a dog with a future” Rae commented. He subsequently sired a litter from Jewel which produced the tri-coloured bitch Sh. Ch. Ernford Cill Dara Yvonne born in 1951

Raycroft Jewel

 Ch. Raycroft Jewel

Ernford Cill Dara Yvonne



In 1951 Rae married Claude Eric Furness (known to all as Eric) who had his own private pack of Bloodhounds, a very famous line of working Springer Spaniels and a strong kennel of hunt terriers, so with the move to Brampton Hall, Old Brampton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Rae decided to concentrate on her Raycroft Irish Setters and stopped breeding English Setters. From this point the Raycroft kennel name was shared by both Eric and Rae (until Eric’s passing) and all Raycroft dogs were registered with the Kennel Club (London) in the name of Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Furness .

In later life Eric was appointed as Lord-Lieutenant of the County of Derbyshire, an honorary office bestowed as a result of his activities within the Derbyshire community.  One major duty was the Chairmanship of the local Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Committee which appointed Justices of the Peace (Magistrates). He was also required to participate in civil voluntary and social events within the County which included hosting and escorting royal visitors and presenting medals and awards on behalf of the Queen.

Despite the pomp and ceremony Rae remained firmly grounded in her approach to life and with the time, enthusiasm, expertise and funding she determinedly steered the Raycroft kennels towards a successful future.



Mediator’s most successful and beautiful daughter was Raycroft Rena, born on 11th April, 1948 out of Derrycarne Red Wine, (bred in Ireland) and owned by Mr. S. Tonks.

When Rae first exhibited Rena at Blackpool in 1949 judge Mr. A. Ashworth awarded her the Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed and she finished the day with a flourish as Best Opposite Sex Gundog. The same year she won two more Challenge Certificates to complete her show bench Championship and followed this with her Field Trial qualification at the Northern Ireland Pointer Club trials in 1950.  Then in 1951 she triumphantly capped her show career with another Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed under Mrs. Eileen Walker at Crufts and was judged Best Gundog on Show.

In 1951 Ch. Raycroft Rena whelped her first litter born on 5th December and sired by Sh. Ch. Hartsbourne Tobias which produced two Show Champions  Raycoft Huntsman owned by Mrs. V. Hill and the bitch Raycroft Wink who was retained by Rae. A third Show Champion emanated from her litter whelped on 4th June 1954 being Sh. Ch. Raycroft Rowdy sired by Sh. Ch. Hartsbourne O’Hara.

Raycroft Rena

 Ch. Raycroft Rena

Raycroft Rena ped



The influence of the strong Irish lines in Raycroft stock continued when Rae purchased Raycroft Hartsbourne Perdita as her paternal grandmother Hartsbourne Flame was bred in Mrs. Maureen McKeever’s Derrycarne kennel.  Perdita bred by Mrs. Walker was whelped on 11th January 1952.  She Field Qualified at the Yorkshire Gundog trials and won two Challenge certificates from the show bench in 1955 and three more in 1956 after whelping her first litter sired by Sh. Ch. Raycroft Rowdy. This mating was repeated with the resulting litter born on 23rd January 1957 including Sh. Ch. Raycroft Pirate and Raycroft Primrose, both of whom had a significant influence on the breed.

Raycroft Hartsbourne Perdita

Ch Raycroft Hartsbourne Perdita

Raycroft Primrose was bred to the James’ Ch. Wendover Beggar to produce the beautiful bitch Sh. Ch. Raycroft Bramble winner of seven Challenge Certificates and ten Reserve Challenge Certificates.


RAYCROFT LINKS with SOUTH AFRICA and other countries 

Sh. Ch. Raycroft Bramble was mated to Hartsbourne Kerry, who was subsequently exported to South Africa where he gained his South African Championship title. In this litter born on 27th November 1963 Bramble produced the outstanding winner Sh. Ch. Raycroft Call Boy who won a staggering seventeen Challenge Certificates, twelve Res. Challenge Certificates, Best Gundog at WELKS in 1966 and at the Scottish KC and at Leicester Championship Show in 1967 where he was also awarded Res. Best in Show All Breeds and followed this with a Res. Best Gundog at Peterborough in 1968 before exportation to Japan.


Raycroft Call Boy (2)

Rae Furness exhibiting Sh. Ch. Raycroft Call Boy


Raycroft Call Boy ped


Ch. Raycroft Hartsbourne Perdita’s top son,  Sh. Ch.Raycroft Pirate, won eight Challenge Certificates and four Best of Breeds. When bred to Mr. A. Greenwood’s bitch Tessa of Ballyrobyn the resultant litter produced Sh. Ch. Raycroft Hoobram Rich Corona whelped. on 23rd December 1959   Between 1961 and 1963 he amassed eleven Challenge Certificates, five Res. Challenge Certificates and nine Best of Breeds.

Raycroft Hoobram Rich Corona



Raycroft Hoobram Rich Corona ped

As a stud dog Rich Corona had the good fortune to service two of Mr. J. Whittaker’s bitches.  Firstly to Sh. Ch. Gaelge Gertina which produced two Show Champions in Gaelge Gisena and Raycroft Tammie whelped on 6th July 1961 and then in 1963 to Sh. Ch. Gaelge Gisela which produced Raycroft Larry who appears as sire to South African Champion Kerry Dancer of Andana bred by Mrs. Joan Anderson and exported to Kit Stewart (previously Mrs. van der Byl).  A third stud to Mrs. Walker’s Sh.Ch. Hartsbourne Tulip produced a litter which contained Sh. Ch. Hartsbourne Heron and Hartsbourne Hydrangea.  Subsequently Sh. Ch. Raycroft Hoobram Rich Corona was sold to an Indian Prince and exported to Pakistan to become an International Show Champion.



In 1964 Rae launched Raycroft Tammie’s show career at WELKS under Mr. F. Warner Hill who awarded her the Challenge Certificate and she won six more, one of which was awarded by Mrs. L.M. Daly in 1965 with another awarded at Crufts in 1967 by Mrs. E. Walker. Bred to Sh. Ch. Raycroft Call Boy in 1965 she whelped Sh. Ch. Raycroft Chorus Girl.

Raycroft Tammie ped


Raycroft Tammie photo

Sh Ch Raycroft Tammie

Sh. Ch. Raycroft Chorus Girl was sold to Mrs. V. Thorne Baker and amassed six Challenge Certificates during 1968 and 1969.  She was judged Best Gundog at LKA Championship show where she was also Best Opposite Sex in Show all Breeds and repeated this success at Blackpool in 1969.

The last Irish Setter Show Champion Rae bred was Raycroft Bo’Sun whelped on 30th April 1973 sired by Sh. Ch. Corriecas Baron out of Raycroft Tralee.  Between 1975 and 1978 he won six Challenge Certificates all with Best of Breed.  He was Best Gundog in 1976 at the Scottish Kennel Club, Edinburgh and Best in Show the same year at the Setter & Pointer Championship Show. He was sire to one Show Champion Shannonlee Sailor Girl out of Heathcliffe Petula.

Raycroft Bosun

Sh Ch Raycroft Bo’sun


Raycroft Bosun ped


In all Rae owned and/or bred seventeen Irish Setter Champions some of which were dual show and field qualified before focusing on the Raycroft kennel of Clumber Spaniels .



In 1959 Rae lunched with Warner Hill and walking past the Clumber Spaniel ring afterwards he challenged Rae to lend the breed her support and expertise.  When Rae told her husband, that she was going to breed Clumbers he was distinctly unimpressed with the idea.

Nevertheless, the Raycroft foundation Clumber, Thornville Sindy sired by Thornville Sultan out of Thornville Slip arrived and when Rae bred her to Sh. Ch. Thornville Sheriff she produced five pups. Rae kept Raycroft Sam over whom Eric shot duck, before Sam’s export to America.  Meanwhile his sister Raycroft Sara-Ann became a Show Champion.

Ray followed a pattern of close inbreeding to establish type in the Clumber Spaniels in the early years and at Crufts Show 1969 (the year of the snow blizzard) the Queen, on the only visit of a reigning monarch to the show, stopped to admire the breed from the ringside which included Raycroft Clumbers.

In all Rae bred 29 UK Clumber Spaniel Show Champions winning over 200 Challenge Certificates and many more were exported to become title holders overseas.  As a breeder, Rae won a multiplicity of top awards and broke every standing record and set a few which remain unbeaten today, including breeding the 1991 Crufts Centennial Best in Show Winner, the only Clumber to ever win the award, Irish & UK Sh. Ch. Raycroft Socialite owned by Ralph Dunne.


1991 Crufts Centennial Best In Show Winner

Clumber Spaniel

Irish & UK Sh. Ch. Raycroft Socialite with his owner Ralph Dunne


Once asked by Jane Lilley whether she preferred judging to showing? Rae responded “I’d rather show, I do like judging, but if I had to give up one or the other, I’d give up judging.” Despite this preference Rae had a highly successful judging career.

One of Rae’s earliest Irish Setter judging appointments was at the City of Birmingham Championship Show in 1950 before her marriage. Subsequently she judged the breed in UK on an annual basis during the next decade including Crufts in 1960. Due to her knowledge and expertise Rae eventually awarded UK Kennel Club Challenge Certificates to many Gundog breeds – a rare achievement.


As a sought after judge, Rae had the opportunity to officiate in other countries and in 1982 she visited South Africa to judge at the Gundog Club in Johannesburg, Gauteng (then Transvaal) on 19th September and a week later  travelled 1000klm south to judge the Cape Gundog Club in Cape Town, Western Province on 25th September. At the time these shows did not form part of “Cluster Championship Show weekends” and stood alone, yet there were plenty of well filled classes from which Rae chose her winners.

At the Gundog Club Championship Rae shared judging duties with Mrs. J. Beck who judged the Pointers (English and German Short Haired), Golden Retrievers, Hungarian Vizslas and Weimaraners while Rae judged the balance of the Group and Best in Show.

Nora Griffin had especially travelled from Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) to exhibit her Irish Setter dog Ch. Wendover Irish Seamus O’Ballinahown (Wendover Grandee x Wendover Royal Alice) imported from Mr. & Mrs. L.C. James UK kennel and was rewarded with the Challenge Certificate, Best of Breed and Best In Show.

The Res. dog Challenge Certificate in the breed was awarded to local Klerksdorp exhibitors Peter and Sue Faes’ Ulvenhout Ric O’Shea also of Wendover heritage.  The CC bitch was Mrs Fryers Scarlet O’Hara of Beaufort and the RCC bitch went to Nora’s Brayleigh Shannon O’Ballinahown.

In English Setters the “locals” held their own against the imports for the top spot with Rae awarding the dog Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed to Mrs. Sheila Fitchett’s Oudehoutdraai Haywire a splendid dog exhibited by Peter Faes which Rae placed in the final line-up. The Res dog Challenge Certificate was awarded to Mr. P.C. Northey’s Winscott Wayfarer of Nightwing.

Dan Verbaan’s trip from Durban, Natal to exhibit was made worthwhile when Rae awarded his bitch Bellingham Lady Kent of Kingstree the CC ticket. The Ferres’ won the Res Challenge Certificate with Lady Zara of Falaise.  For Best Opposite Sex English Setter Rae selected Jim & Sarah Scott’s SA Ch. Hurwyn Yum Yum of Winscott (Imp UK).

Gordon Setters were also exhibited at this show with Rae awarding the Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed to Mr. C. Chester’s dog Rangewood Glenaron of Shannanna. 

The final line-up of the day comprised:

1st Best in Show Mrs. Nora Griffin’s Irish Setter


2nd Res. Mrs. Drury’s Labrador Retriever


(SA bred by Joan van Niekerk)

3rd  Miss Fran & Miss Jackie Browning’s Cocker Spaniel


4th Mrs. Sheila Fitchett’s orange belton English Setter


Oudehoutdraai Haywire

Sheila Fitchett’s Oudehoutdraai Haywire exhibited by Peter Faes

Of the Cape Gundog Club Championship Show Rae judged eleven breeds and her report states:

‘I did enjoy judging at this very friendly go-a-head Club. The organisation I thought was excellent and I appreciated the sporting way in which my awards were accepted.  Quality, I thought, in a number of breeds was high, indeed quite a few could win CC’s in the UK.  I had an excellent Steward in Mr. Peter Collins (later to become Secretary of Kennel Union of SA)

Of a good local Irish Setter entry Rae wrote:

I did enjoy judging the Irish Setters in the Cape, I thought overall they were very, very good, full of quality, the top breeders have certainly done a first-class job and many of the dogs could hold their own at the U.K. Ch. Shows.’

The dog CC and RCC were respectively awarded to Mrs. Kathy. Pellett’s Oakdales Crescendo and Encoria with the bitch CC awarded to Mrs. Mary Glass’ Oakdales Spianato (all bred by Mark & Bridget Simpson) while Mrs. Bridget Wright’s home bred young bitch Ronnoco Minimus was awarded the RCC.  Simpson’s SA Ch. Cornevon Dreamer of Oakdale (Imp UK) winning Best Opposite Sex from the Champions class.

Of the Best of Breed winner from the Champions Bitch Class Rae wrote:

‘Best-in-Show Ch. Westerhuys Swinging Belle of Oakdale (Imp UK)

(Sh. Ch.Emmafield Double Dutch x Westerhuys Dutch Appeal bred by Mrs. W.Duynkerke)   The star of the show, what a really beautiful bitch, she is quality through and through, just the size I like for a bitch, superb head, devilish expression, lovely clean throat, neck nice length without being exaggerated, lovely front, nice bone and small tight feet, good well ribbed body, lovely quarters, lovely lashing tail, just flowed round the ring.  I would like to have taken her home’ 

Swinging Belle

Bridget Simpson’s SA Ch. Westerhuys Swinging Belle Of Oakdale (Imp UK)

English Setters also found favour under Rae. From the Open dog class she selected Betty Swift’s Winscott Weaversbird of Sunjon (SA bred out of UK imported stock) as Best of Breed and placed him 3rd Best in Show commenting :

Very nice orange belton, typy head with plenty of chiselling, without a shade of coarseness, good eye and muzzle.  Neck fits into good shoulders, good legs and feet, good depth of brisket for age, very good stifles, good bite, moved well. I shall look forward to hearing he is made-up (to a Champ).  I loved his Mum in the Transvaal. (Scott’s SA  Ch Hurwyn Yum Yum of Winscott – Imp UK )

For her final line-up Rae selected:

1st Best in Show  Mrs.Bridget Simpson’s Irish Setter


Res. 2nd Mrs.Rose-Marie Cabion’s yellow Labrador Retriever

SLEEPY HOLLOW SCANDAL (homebred and Field Qualified)

3rd  Mrs. Betty Swift’s orange belton English Setter


4th Mrs. Fran Minnaar’s party-colour Cocker Spaniel


Cape Gundog Club organized a buffet super after the weekend when the trophies were presented and it was a pleasure to have a short time conversing with Rae about Irish Setters.

Rae was due to return for further judging appointments in South Africa, but had to withdraw due to ill health. The last time she was seen in the ring in UK was the year she died in 1993.  She left a lasting impression on all that met her and is respectfully remembered in South Africa as a judge and breeder with that elusive quality ‘an eye for a good dog’.


This article is compiled and written by:

Bridget & Mark Simpson, Oakdale Irish Setters, Napier, W.Cape Province, South Africa February 2015.  Every effort has been made to cross-reference the material used to ensure accuracy.

Bibliography :

We particularly express our thanks to Pascale Midgley and Wiedaad Achmat of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa for their assistance with research.


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