A telephone call from Valley Farm Animal Hospital, Fearie Glen, Pretoria alerted Estelle Meiring to the plight of a 2 year old Irish Setter.  Rusty had been taken to the surgery by his owners who instructed the Vet to euthanize the dog claiming he was responsible for a child’s broken arm. As the Vet could find no malice or evil intent in Rusty he refused and agreed to accommodate him at the surgery for a week in the hope of finding a new home.

Rusty had not been micro-chipped so it is improbable that he was bred by one of our group, despite this Estelle did not wish to leave him in such a precarious position.  She contacted fellow breeders and highlighted Rusty’s need for a home on Facebook. Feeling that a cage in a Vet’s surgery was not the ideal place for a Setter she collected Rusty and transported him to her parents home where he enjoyed Mr. & Mrs. Heuseveldt’s foster care and was introduced to their young grandchildren.

                 Rusty & Vet in Valley Farm Animal Hospital

Fortune smiled and Leigh Henderson of Pietermaritzburg, Natal stepped forward eager to own Rusty.  Having been vetted by Estelle, it was agreed that the Henderson family should be Rusty’s new “forever home” and he was collected from Estelle’s parents on Friday 20th June.  Leigh has reported that Rusty is settling in very well on their 37ha property and getting along wonderfully with their three female dogs, the cat and their two sons.

Thank you Estelle, Mr.& Mrs. Heuseveldt and all involved in this rescue, such acts restore one’s faith in humankind.

Rusty at his new home with the Hendersons’