Some Society Ladies And Their Gundogs

TATLER  MAGAZINE No. 167 September 7th 1904

This week the Gun dogs of England begin to enjoy their existence, their hard working holiday begins and great is their glee; and it is a pleasure to know that women nowadays take as much pride in owning a good intelligent  sporting  dog as they have always done in the smaller toy varieties.  The early shows of the Ladies Kennel Association were notable for their extreme poverty of the sporting classes.  Slowly but surely however, since 1894, women have taken greater interest until now many of the exhibitors can hold their own just as well in sporting competitions as in the non- sporting and toy. Naturally some names stand out more prominently as owners of champion dogs than others, and in fact have done so all along. Our remarks therefore only apply generally and not to those successful exhibitors, who include the Duchess of Newcastle whose hereditary “Clumbers”, who have always held there own, although not so often shown by her Grace as her borzois and fox terriers.

 Mrs. Bepler and her champion brace of Irish Setters  

So, too, has Mrs. Ingle Bepler, for many years been famous for her Irish Setters and her kennel of champions is well known to admirers of the red setter all over the world.  This lady has competed against owners of Irish cracks on their own soil and beaten them and continuously exhibited at the leading English shows with the same results.  To her list of wins she has from time to time added the best trophies offered by the breed’s own specialist club as well as those of other clubs.  Mrs. Bepler has also been distinguished as a breeder winning breeders’ challenge cups many times.

Mrs. Greening of Dublin has won many laurels with her Busaco kennel of cocker spaniels, and to the undeniable beauty and breeding of her intelligent dogs we owe the support of the Duchess of Connaught who bought a brace from Mrs. Greening and has since graciously recommended her kennel to many in her royal circle of friends.   This year to crown her Royal Highness’s partiality the Duchess of Connaught offered a cup for cockers, which was won by a new recruit to dog showing the lovely Countess of Chesterfield, whose black cocker Holme Lacey Charm bred by Miss Joan Godfrey, another successful exhibitor of sporting dogs.

 Mrs. Adams’ Field Spaniels, Samey, Gay, Boy, Comet, Vesta

Mrs. H.D. Greene, wife of the celebrated advocate and K.C. is an enthusiast in the neglected, but good old true sporting variety called Welsh Springers and her retrievers are among the champions of their race in England.

Mrs. Greene’s generosity to dog clubs and her thorough sportsmanship in showing makes her a very popular woman with all those who have the good luck to come in contact with her and it is a drawback to the dog world that more winners are not like her in the delight she takes in seeing opponent’s better dog win.  Mrs. Greene also endeavours that her dogs shall enjoy life and when they are the inheritants of sporting tastes gives them the life they were born to.  She does not cramp or keep them for exhibition purposes only Miss Whittome has made her kennel of Irish setters thoroughly recognised by judges.  Her champion of the moment is a red setter, Wrestler.

A litter of Irish Setter puppies

Mrs. Crossfield’s name has been better known in the Schipperke fancy. But always a sportswoman herself she has added the cocker to her dog kennels, and finds it an excellent companion.

Mrs. Hopkins’ Champion English and Irish Setters 

Amongst the justly celebrated are the pointers of Mr. Horner.  Mrs. Hopkins also has earned celebrity both on this side of the Atlantic and in the land of Stars and Stripes for her kennels have exported many English and Irish setters to America.  Nothing but the best has contented this lady and the best she always has to show her friends and the public.