Twoacres Joker The Hooley


3/6/92 – 31/8/06

Stud Book Number 2827CJ
KC Good Citizen Bronze & Silver Awards

PRA (rcd-1) – DNA Tested Clear
CLAD – DNA Tested Clear
Hips X-Rayed & Scored

Eyes Examined under the BVA/KC/ISDS Scheme & Tested Clear

Sire: Janter Jedadiah
Dam: Twoacres Old Gold

Breeder: Mrs J E Coates
Owner: Miss M A Webster

‘Hooley O’Flynn!’

Flynn entered my life in 1992, after I lost my first Irish Setter. He is from Twoaces Old Gold and Janter Jedadiah. I phoned June Coates the day I brought Oliver’s ashes home, to enquire if she was having any puppies in the near future, to be told that she had been up all that night whelping a litter and I had just woken her up! Fate took a hand. I felt that I was obviously meant to have one of these pups and was delighted to find that they were related to Oliver through Twoacres Francesca.

As I was no longer working and had more time, I decided to try my hand at showing. Flynn was my first show dog and very quickly became known as Hooley O’Flynn because he was such a hooligan! Having lots of true Irish spirit and being quite an exuberant dog, I found him quite difficult to handle, as he was always very quick to take advantage of the fact that I didn’t know what I was doing either! We both had to learn together- no easy task for someone as small as myself, with such a high spirited dog. He always seemed intent on living up to his Kennel name of Twoacres Joker, seemingly seeing it as his sole responsibility to entertain the ringside at every show. What a good job I have a sense of humour!

I often found myself in embarassing and hilarious situations because of his antics. On many occasions I have been hurtled into the rope, under the rope, out of the ring and even, embarrassingly, on one occasion, round the judge’s neck!

Because of circumstances he was only shown lightly and not very often at Champ Shows. He did however, manage several Best Puppy awards at Open Shows and 1st, 2nd and 3rd places at the few Champ Shows he attended. After a two-year break from the ring, Hooley O’Flynn came back to gain his Stud Book Number, which made me very proud. I am also extremely proud of the fact that Flynn also achieved his KC Good Citizen Bronze & Silver Awards, though those who knew him well, have asked how on earth he managed it!! As he got older, Flynn calmed down considerably and my handling improved. It certainly needed to! His greatest achievement was winning 2nd place in the Veteran class at Crufts under the Judge Biddy Evans. He was in a class of 16, 15 of whom were Show Champions, so I was thrilled and extremely proud of him. Kevin Swainston very kindly handled him for me on this occasion, doing so with just 5 minutes notice and never having handled him before. But despite calming down, he still loved to perform his party trick of barking all the way back to the Judge, much to everyone’s amusement!

After judging him at The South of England Irish Setter Club Championship Show, the Judge, Angela Begg, wrote: ‘I really liked his head and good eye shape, well off for bone and straight in front, deep brisket, good angulation front and rear, he made an attractive outline and moved well.’

I was granted my affix ‘Hooley’ at the beginning of 1999, so Twoacres Joker was able to become, Twoacres Joker The Hooley, a name which suited him perfectly. As you have probably guessed Flynn is the origin of my affix.

Flynn is a full litter brother to Sh Ch Twoacres Jade, the Uncle of Twoacres Fergus and the Great Uncle of Cymbeline Fallon By Hooley, my other boys. As he grew older, officially becoming a Veteran, his antics became ever more comical. He would not tolerate helicopters flying over the garden under any circumstances. He would jump down the garden, almost as if her were on springs, all four feet leaving the ground at the same time, with his head pointing to the sky, barking loudly. The drone of the helicopter in the distance was was enough to set him off, so if I opened the door to let him out and heard a helicopter, it became a frantic race to get hm back inside before he heard the helicopter! As we live near the beach and have the Search & Rescue Helicopter flying over head, as well as the Police Helicopter and the Helicopters flying out to the gas and oil rigs off shore several times a day, it was always quite a challenge!!!! To read more about his antics and those of the rest of the family, click on the IRISH TAILS section on the left.

Flynn died suddenly at the grand old age of 14 on 31st August 2006. I will always be grateful that he was at home in the garden with me, Fergus and Geordie when it happened. Mercifully for him it was instant and he didn’t suffer. His death has left an enormous gap in our lives, but I feel honoured and privileged to have shared my life with such a wonderful dog. I was very lucky to have him.