Twoacres Tosca


D.O.B. 2/1/1968
KCSB No: 2563BD

Sire: Sh Ch Wendover Gentleman
Dam: Musbury Melisande Of Twoacres

Breeder/Owner: Mrs J E Coates

When the litter by Sh Ch Wendover Gentleman was born, later to be so successful, that it became known here and abroad, simply as the ‘T’ Litter, June intended to keep a bitch and run another on for company. Her pick of litter was Tosca. She had a beautiful head and was a great character, she had no hesitation about her, for June she stood out a mile. Tosca, didn’t win any CC’s, but she did win her way into the Stud Book. She was a sound moving, big-ribbed bitch, with a beautiful head and shoulders. She never grew much feathering, which was a considerable handicap. Poor Tosca developed cystic ovaries and had to be spayed after breeding only one litter, so didn’t have much opportunity as a brood bitch either. Mrs James, whose opinion June greatly valued, always thought Tosca the best of the ‘T’ litter, preferring her to her litter brother Troy.

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